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Urban Architecture Systems Limited (URBASYS)

Urban Architecture Systems Limited (URBASYS) is the predecessor of the firm Third World Architecture Ltd. which was formed in January 1990. The name change was made some ten years later to reflect the new focus and growth of the Architectural firm of five employees inclusive of two directors (Damian Nunez – Registered Architect #707 and Andrew Nunez). Our growth and development thus far, is based on self – motivation and a sense of achievement.

URBASYS Ltd. has demonstrated over the years its commitment to the Design Process. We have produced many varying types of building designs regardless of the scale and type of project. We recognize the need to plan efficiently, economically and aesthetically. Our ultimate goal is that of providing quality service to the satisfaction of our clients.

URBASYS Ltd is committed to our clients in the provision of the most optimum service possible. This unwritten undertaking has been partially responsible for our stability, growth and image today.

Contact Person: Andrew Nunez
Telephone: (868) 645-9379
Email: Urbasys Ltd

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